Gun Safe Rating; What It Means

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In today’s world, almost every manufacturer claim that their fireproof gun safe has a high fire rating. Keeping your home security is paramount not just from thieves but from fires too. Over the years, this terms has become confusing for most gun owners that want to get a fireproof safe for their guns. For the purpose of these gun owners, we’ll discuss what a fire rating is and how it applies to your gun safe.

Fire Rating

Basically, a fire rating means that your safe been designed with the necessary materials that are capable of preventing your gun from damaging in the event that there’s a fire outbreak. It could also be said to mean that the safe has been tested by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to determine how well contents are protected in the event that there’s an intense fire outbreak. Based on this test that is conducted, a rating or number is assigned to the gun safe based on how long it can withstand in an extremely hot environment. Currently, most of these gun safes come with the fire rating clearly written on the product’s label.

For every fire test that is carried out, the aim is to find out if the safe is capable of attaining an internal resistance temperature of at least 350°. Unknown to most people, when there’s a fire outbreak, paper begins to discolor exactly at 350°. So this means that for any gun safe to be fire-resistant, it needs to have an internal fire resistance of at least 350°.

To explain this idea better, we’ll make use of an example given by Dallas commercial security experts MegaSafe Systems. A gun safe that has a rating of 1,000° F at one hour simply means that in the event that there’s a fire outbreak in your home at a temperature of 1,000°, the content of the safe will have an internal temperature of about 350° for one hour. With a normal fire outbreak reported to have a temperature range of 800° to over 1,200°, your gun safe with a one-hour rating will not get damaged within that period of time.

Additionally, it is advised that you consider the specifications of the gun safe you opt for. This is to ensure that you are not lied to. It is best that you settle for a gun safe that has been tested only by the UL and Intertek Laboratories (ETL). It is of utmost importance that you check for these certifications as most manufacturers just put fire ratings without any test conducted.

In essence, it is important that you remember that no fireproof safe is completely fire proof. Based on the explanation given above by Houston Safe and Lock, most of these safes are only capable of withstanding an extremely hot temperature for an hour or two. This simply means that if the fire is to last for a longer period of time, your gun may be damaged in the process. You actually cannot store your valuables in the gun safe with the assurance that it would not get damaged when there’s an intense fire outbreak that lasts longer than expected.

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